Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECM) Areas in the Arctic Marine Environment

An overview of the current range and understanding of international and national criteria used for identification of OECMs in the Arctic.


  • Include potential case studies on the approach Arctic States have applied to identify OECM’s in their national waters, and how those are contributing to broader marine conservation objectives.
  • Facilitate an exchange of information among Arctic States on the range of information and application of OECMs, and potentially contribute to updates of the Framework for a Pan-Arctic Network of MPAs.
  • Include updated references and information on OECMs, consistent with what will be developed as part of this project into the updated PAME/CAFF report Status and Trends for Arctic Conservation Measures.



  1. Project co-leads will gather existing sources on OECM criteria and Arctic State’s approaches to identifying OECMs, and relevant case studies. Provide relevant updated information on OECM’s to the PAME/CAFF Indicator report revision (spring 2021)
  2. A report will be developed, based on the results gathered, which would include an overview of OECM criteria and application in the Arctic context, and Arctic relevant case studies
  3. Convene a workshop or session at the 2022 IMPAC V Congress in Vancouver (potentially in partnership with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat/others) to bring together Arctic marine conservation practitioners and managers to share information on the application of OECMs in the Arctic
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