Collaboration with the Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)

PAME and the Arctic Regional Hydrography Commission (ARHC) have developed a joint policy statement on the importance of hydrography in the Arctic region to safe and sustainable maritime navigation.

Main activities

  1. Consider the development and dissemination of reports and other information that support navigational safety and environmental protection in the Arctic along the lines of the Arctic Navigation Risk summary bulletin issued by the ARHC in 2017
  2. Review the potential interoperability of databases (including the ASTD System) that contain Arctic geospatial information to determine their potential utilization across platforms for improved analysis
  3. Undertake work to issue a 2023 update of ARHC’s 2018 Arctic hydrography risk assessment by designating a PAME representative to communicate with the ARHC on the approach, structure, usability and other aspects of the update

Project details

Lead Рабочие группы
Lead Арктические государства & Постоянные участники
Соединённые Штаты Америки
Начало - Конец
2019 -

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