Preserving ARCtic ARChitectural Heritage (PrARCHeritage)

Creating a database of Arctic Architectural Heritage sites


  • bring interested people and organizations, including Indigenous peoples, together to set experts’ network and initiate new approaches to preservation and popularization of Arctic AH;
  • define a set of problems and understudied topics related to Arctic architectural heritage studying, preservation,  and  popularization    and  propose respective  solutions  (in  pilot  cases),  including attraction of experience and knowledge of indigenous people);
  • collect  data  and  create  a  database  &  digital  map  of  ArcticAH(including  those  objects  having historical and cultural value for the Northern Indigenous peoples),
  • develop an international Digital platform (on the base of NArFU as a Project Leader) for effective interaction between partners, experience exchange and dissemination of best practice in the field of studying, preserving and popularization of architectural heritage in the Arctic;
  • reconstruct the authentic appearance of pilot AH7(which will be jointly defined  by project team experts)  using  virtual  and  augmented  reality  (3D modeling  technology)  using  existing  environment with  the  possibility  of  subsequent  virtual  visit  (wide  audience  coverage,  higher  inclusivity  and accessibility). The list of pilot AH will be specifically identified and negotiated by project partners and AH owner;-To enhance self-education (through access to digital Arctic AH with their description, photo, history, etc.)  transfer  knowledge  across  borders,  particularly  focusing  on  young  generation  and  university students  (also  thru  University  of  the  Arctic  thematic  network),  and  develop  expertise  in  areas  of shared interest between Arctic countries in the field of architectural and technological solutions for preservation and sustainable management of the Arctic AH.


Digital database of all Arctic Architectural Heritage sites.

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