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Arctic Council meets in Finland, addresses pollution prevention and education

At the meeting just concluded in Oulu, Finland, the Arctic Council addressed overarching issues for the region like pollution prevention, education, and strategic focus. ...
26 Oct 2017

Senior Arctic Officials gather for first meeting during Finland’s Arctic Council Chairmanship

On 25-26 October 2017, the Arctic Council will gather in Oulu, Finland for the first Senior Arctic Officials’ meeting held during the Chairmanship of Finland (2015-2017).
18 Oct 2017

Interview: Mikael Hildén, Chair of Expert Group on black carbon and methane

"The work to reduce black carbon emissions in particular provides unambiguous win-win opportunities."
05 Oct 2017

New Observer: Switzerland

"Nowadays Swiss scientists are among the world leaders in the field of polar research. Excellence in altitude research thus goes hand in hand with polar research."
03 Oct 2017

New Observer: West Nordic Council

"Being granted Observer status to the Arctic Council is an important step for the West Nordic Council to further strengthen its already substantial Arctic activities in a...
11 Sep 2017

Anna Degteva to be new Executive Secretary of the Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat

The Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat is proud to announce the hiring of a new Executive Secretary. Anna Degteva, who belongs to the Veps indigenous people of Russia, has b...
04 Sep 2017

Interview: Renée Sauvé, Chair of PAME

"Finland is providing leadership on initiatives that clearly link to the stewardship of the Arctic marine environment, such as their efforts related to environmental impa...
28 Aug 2017

Interview: Jens Peter Holst-Andersen, Chair of EPPR

"Basically, EPPR works on saving lives and protecting the environment. Both subjects should inspire everyone."
14 Aug 2017

Interview: Ulrik Westman, Chair of ACAP

Pursuing improved environmental performance and reducing contaminants in the Arctic requires endurance. Some of our projects have been active for over a decade, and I bel...
07 Aug 2017

New Observer: Oceana

"Oceana welcomes the opportunity to apply lessons learned around the world about sound ecosystem management and ocean conservation practices to protect one of the last pr...
31 Jul 2017

New Observer: ICES

"ICES is keen to work with the Arctic Council to improve scientific understanding in the Arctic..."
27 Jul 2017

New Observer: National Geographic Society

"Being an observer at the Arctic Council is essential for the National Geographic Society to be more effective in our Arctic mission."
24 Jul 2017

New Observer: OSPAR

"As OSPAR Region I is Arctic waters, it has been very important for OSPAR to engage with the Arctic Council to complement the work in the Arctic Council Working Groups an...
20 Jul 2017

New Observer: World Meteorological Organization

"The WMO has a lot to offer for the Arctic countries ranging from weather, climate, and ice monitoring systems to Arctic safety services and Arctic science."
17 Jul 2017

Interview: Cynthia Jacobson, Chair of CAFF

"From my perspective, we have a clear opportunity now to do things well in the Arctic, and that is what the Arctic Council is all about."
13 Jul 2017

Interview: Marianne Kroglund, Chair of AMAP

"Science alone does not solve the Arctic challenges – we need to translate our science and bring it to meeting places for a variety of actors engaged in Arctic issues. Th...
10 Jul 2017

Interview: Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen, SAO Chair

When the Arctic Council Chairmanship passed from the United States to Finland in May of 2017, Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen assumed the role of Chair of the Senior Arctic Of...
27 Jun 2017

Interview: Pekka Shemeikka, Chair of SDWG

When the Arctic Council Chairmanship passed from the United States to Finland in May of 2017, the Arctic Council also welcomed new Chairs for several of the six Working G...
20 Jun 2017

2nd Arctic Biodiversity Congress - 9-11 October 2018

Save the date The 2nd Arctic Biodiversity Congress October 9-11, 2018 Rovaniemi, Finland
15 Jun 2017

Arctic Council Ministers meet, sign binding agreement on science cooperation, pass Chairmanship from U.S. to Finland

At the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, Ministers of the eight Arctic States and leaders from the six indigenous Permanent Participant organi...
11 May 2017


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